What Makes Me A Travel Bug?

When I was younger, going anywhere was an agony. Having an over protective and strict parents means a boring week ends.  It even came to a point that I had to sneak just to go out to accomplish my extra-curricular activities to maintain my grades for my school standings. Well, remembering those things that I did just to grab the chances of getting out, discovering new things and spending time with my classmates and friends. I can’t totally agree that what I did was right, lying to my parents was involved in it but if I did not lie I wouldn’t be where I am now I guess. (To those students that will be reading this, please try harder on asking proper permission from your parents). Those were the days J

Is there a significant reason why we became “A Travel Bug?”  I respect opinion from everyone here and I don’t mean to contradict your reasons and allegories. I will be speaking and sharing based on my experience. I consider myself a deep person with senescent soul. I am in search for something in my life. I always wanted to discover and experience new things. Learning new things for me is living into a new world. I don’t like staying in one place for a long time, doing the same thing over and over again.

The other reason is when I like to escape from the chaos of situation.  I am a coward, I am good in running away (someone special in my life told me this before), when he told me this, I was off guarded but I was in denial that it is true. This is the first time that I admitted it to myself that I am a “runaway”. If the situation doesn’t suit the way I wanted it, it was very easy for me to pack my things and travel literally. Whether it is just nearby, other cities or out of the country, or just running away from a certain person, it gives me an unexplainable fathom. There is something in me that was addressed when I was with that person. He made me realize the importance of facing the grip of memoir. I will discuss further about this topic on my next blogs.

Learning new language and culture are also part of my reasons of my explorations. I am very enthusiastic learning new word which is very unfamiliar. When I understood one word from the counties that I visited, I am vigorously happy to share about it. I learned the Arabic abjad when I was in UAE, but I am not good actually, just basic knowledge. I also learned the language but I can decipher more than speaking. I have a hard time with the diction. They have strong RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.  Dutch and Arabic has almost the same point of diction. I can also understand some Dutch words but please don’t ask me to speak in Dutch; I will be a laughing stuff by Dutch people. But Mandarin is also a complicated language for me. They have 5 words, 5 different pronunciations and 5 different meanings. Oh! Most foreigners, especially Americans, said that Mandarin is the easiest language to learn for as they don’t have a proper English grammar. Mandarin has no subject verb agreement and verb tenses. I agree, but my struggle is with the diction and pronunciation for every language. I can decipher and learn easily but delivering the words failed me all the time. I need to twist my tongue first for me to pronounce it correctly, hehehe.

When visiting new place, culture is the first thing that I wanted to know. I like to know more about the country’s history and statistics. Way back Social Studies class, I was always bored with the discussion about geography and history. I told myself I will learn it by myself, by my own explorations. Well, sometimes I regretted the times that I ignored my teacher in Social Studies, but thanks to the internet it helps me to scratch my wanderlust. (I will share you my experience in every place that I visited on my next blogs).

I have this silly dream when I was a kid. I wanted to have a good friend in every country, every city and places that I visited. It happens and I was so happy but the connections with those friends are not on a continuous basis and I am still looking forward to fulfill my silly dream.

I always say that “To Travel is to Live” and I find my solitude in traveling.


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