What are the Places that are Stored in our Travel Bank?


Since I was 23, I started traveling internationally alone, some of the countries and cities that I’d been to are the following:

1. Amman Jordan – stayed for 1 month

2. Riyadh Saudi Arabia- stayed for 1 month

3. Brunei Darussalam – just for a one day SIC (seat in coach) City Tour

4. Bahrain – just for a one day SIC (seat in coach) City Tour

5. United Arab Emirates – divided into 7 Emirates with different rulers that have different laws. I have had the chance to live in 4 majors cities Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah, I’d been to Ajman, Ras Al Qaimah and Umm Al Quwain for exploration once in a while. I’d been in UAE on and off for almost 5 years.

Seven(7) Emirates of UAE:

  • Abu Dhabi–AUH -Capital of UAE.(Al Ain is a part of Abu Dhabi)
  • Ajman – AJM.
  • Sharjah – SHJ.
  • Dubai – DXB.
  • Fujairah – FUJ.
  • Ras Al Khaimah – RAK.
  • Umm Al Quwain – UAQ.

6. People’s Republic of China (PRC) – one of the biggest and most populated countries in the world. You will be needing a maximum amount of time to conquer and discover the whole country, every province has a different dialect. When you moved from one city to another city, you have to change your SIM card, when I travel from Shenzhen to Qingdao, my China Unicom automatically is under roaming services and has different mobile charging amount. So I opted on buying a new SIM card in Qingdao.

  • Shenzhen – stayed for almost a month
  • Qingdao – Northern part and snowing during my visit, I stayed 2 weeks for the holiday.
  • Guangzhou – Business Capital City of China, stayed for quite long.
  • Kaiping – I just stayed for 3 days in this beautiful city
  • Shanghai – been here for 3 weeks
  • Foshan – Random museum visits, known as the Furniture City
  • Zhuhai – border to Macau

7. Iran – a small country close to UAE

  • Qeshm – stuck here for a month
  • Kish – stayed here for 2 weeks

8. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – known as the Saigon, I was with my daughter when we visited this country and we stayed for just 4 days.

9. Kualalumpur Malaysia – short stay of 4 days

10. Hongkong – been here on and off since I started traveling. Recently I was with my daughter and we stayed for 3 days discovering the city.

11. Macau – an autonomous region of China, I have been here several times alone and also with my daughter.


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