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Awesome Adventure with Awesome Yaya Gail


I often mention that everything happens for a reason. We bump into someone to touch our lives in every different unique way. Some meetings can be brought up into different levels of happiness, some meetings can test how strong our faith with God. Some will test our patience how far can we hold the end of the line.  There comes a time that we met someone that leaves footprints in our hearts, some will stay and mostly some will just pass by to serve as a memory to reminisce. There is plenty of reason to name of, the bottom line is, the result of every meeting is a form of blessing of knowing someone that once touched your life.

October of 2018, I met Abegail Sederio, as we call her “Yaya Gail”, our first meeting was in NAIA Terminal 3 Airport. It was the day of our flight, she was one of my client bound to Macau. It was a group tour, we were all 5 in the group. She was then a shy young lady, very preserve but from the beginning, we had a good camaraderie. My daughter likes her immediately and they start getting along well from NAIA Airport until the whole duration of the trip.


It was an awesome adventure for as we gain a client metamorphosis as a friend slash photographer, in addition, a Yaya and Ate to Elijah(just kidding). She is fun to be with, she took a lot of beautiful memories with us and for us. We had a lot of good pictures, she has amazing talent. Her shots seem like taken by a professional photographer using high definition cameras, yet she was using her Oppo mobile phone. 

It was one of my daughter’s most memorable getaway. Until now, she still commemorates her presence, as I am writing this blog, she is beside me suggesting words to write, all praises to Yaya Gail. I was writing this blog when my phone rang, when I went back to my laptop to continue on writing,  she already wrote: “Being with my family and friends in every adventure, in every place that I have been, I feel strong and special”. I had to stop for a while and highlighted her sentence. Oh boy! I am raising a blogger here.


Gail, I have not thanked you enough for getting my services, this is my way of thanking you for allowing us to be part of your journey! Thank you for the friendship and mostly, were very thankful for the well-photographed memories! And lastly, to her cousin, Ms. Anaila, thank you for trusting Yactlie Travel and Tours.


Awesome adventure with Awesome Yaya Gail

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