Macau 2018 (Yaya Gail POV)

Travel is not just going to different beautiful places but meeting new people that can be your friends is also a nice feeling.

My trip to Macau is one of the best travel experiences ever. In Macau, you can see some of their historical places like the Ruins of St. Paul, but you can also make your own history or I must better say MEMORIES. So I met this ”mag-ina” that I used to call Ate Phing and Elay, spending days and nights with them is really an awesome memory.

The mother-daughter relation they have is really an inspiration and the way they treat their client is like their own family. They make you feel comfortable and worry less about the travel experience. Especially the presence of Elay makes my travel experience more exciting because she is very accommodating and a very good tour guide (better than her mother haha). Ate Phing raised Elay properly with good manners and positive personality. Ate Phing also is a very funny person. Her personality is very flamboyant that’s why you will feel comfortable with her.

Going to different places in Macau is more than just a journey but also making memories and awesome adventure. Walking everywhere, eating anywhere and of course, taking a picture everywhere. I am very overwhelmed and ”kilig” that they appreciate my photography ”talent”. Even if they end up calling me YAYA GAIL because I became their photographer at least they still appreciate me tho. But honestly, I really want to take a picture the places, not them haha (joke). But I really enjoy spending my trip with them and until now we still keep on communicating. Ate Phing treats me as her younger sister and same I also treat her as my older sister.

I really believe that we will meet the person not by an accident maybe for a reason or some lesson and vice versa they will meet you because of some reason or you will give/leave them a lesson. So I know there is a better reason for everything.




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