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How do I pack my Luggage the Mom’s Way?

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for reading my article. And for now, since my recent article gathered a lot of positive comments from my readers, I am inspired to write a follow up similar to that post.

How do I pack our luggage the mom’s way?


Whenever I am done with all the necessary things (such as air tickets, visa, hotel booking, etc) to prepare with the upcoming vacation, that’s when I have to start planning the clothes to wear, shoes, bags, things to bring. So I will make a list of the things that I should be bringing for I always tends to forget things easily (makakalimutin na, sign of ageing, hehe). I always check the weather of the country or place that we are going to visit and the weather forecast on that day, so I would know what are the essential things to consider adding into our luggage.

By this time, I also start picturing the OOTD’s in my mind.


To make sure that I would not forget anything, what I always do is, I prepare our things in advance prior to our travel date. For our clothes, as I mentioned above, I have already pictured on my mind what are the clothes that we will be wearing, so before putting it in our luggage, I took all the clothes that I planned to wear from our closet and lay it on our bed, then I have to check my list if it is really needed, I have to consider that I will just be bringing 1 hand carry luggage. I also need to consider if my daughter would want all the OOTD’s that I want her to wear. Sometimes, she agrees and sometimes, she has also her own choices.

For the clothes: After, pairing and collecting, I would segregate things that we will be bringing and set it in 1 place.

For the toiletries: If we were just going away for a short vacation, I opted on buying sachet shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, lotion, etc. I find it more convenient and less messy. But sometimes, if I don’t have much time, I just refill the mini bottles (travel kit) that I bought in Miniso Guangzhou.

I know most on-the-go-mommies can relate to this, a special bag, a special preparation for our children a Mom’s Super Travel Kit: I make sure that it is in my hand carry bag so whenever I can take anything whenever I needed it.

So what do I usually have in here?
1. Tissue (dry and wet)
2. Hand Sanitizer
3. Katinko /Vicks Vaporub / Betet (I am using these 3 brands but I don’t bring them all together)
4. Paracetamol Tablet (2-5 tabs only)
5. Anti Allergy cream (both of us has sensitive skin)
6. Anti Allergy Tablet (generally for me)
7. Repellent Lotion but lately I switch to a spray.
8. Small towel
9.Extra Shirt for Yactlie
10. Biscuit or chips

3. ZIP IT!
So, after all the planning, collecting and selecting, now it is time to put it in our luggage and zip it. Would you like to know how I manage to travel for few days without purchasing check-in baggage allowance? I would share you my own tricks.

* Make sure to carry a standard hand carry-on luggage. Cabin baggage should have a maximum length of 56 cm (22 inches), width of 45 cm (18 inches) and depth of 25 cm (10 inches) including all handles, side pockets, wheels etc.

* Hand Carry bag should just weigh 7kls. If I know for myself that my hand carry is more than 7kg, before I checked in, I observes the check in counter if they are weighing the hand carry bags, but usually, what I am doing is I am leaving my luggage in a corner before going directly to the check in counter. Then after getting my boarding pass, I would get back my luggage and I will proceed to the desired check in gate.

For Cebu Pacific Airlines – only 5% of chances that they will weigh your hand carry specially if you comply to the hand carry luggage standard size.

For Air Asia – I am not a frequent passenger with this airlines, but I always had a bad experience. Previously from MFM-MNL, I was carrying my small shoulder bag(a little bigger than my passport where I put our passports, pen, cellphone and wallet), 2 hand carry bags, one is for me and the other one is for my daughter (I was just carrying her bag). The staff of Air Asia were not allowing me to enter the gate, she said I am not allowed to carry 2 hand carry bags + my shoulder bag. I told her that I am just carrying it for my daughter and my shoulder bag is very tiny that would even weigh 2kls. She wasn’t satisfied unless I had handled the other bag to my daughter, the she let us enter the gate. AIR ASIA’S HAND CARRY BAG STANDARD RULE: 2pcs each passenger regardless if it is just 2 inches or 56cm. 

For Philippine Airlines – same as Cebu Pacific

Other GDC Airlines are not as strict as Air Asia. 

Watch my You Tube video on how I compress and pack my luggage the mom’s way.


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